This weekend I saw the film United 93. Prior to seeing the movie I had looked up some reviews on the internet. Within different forums, I have found that many people feel that this story, along with the entire 9/11 tragedy, a conspiracy created by our own government. I was shocked as I have never heard these accusations before. I was also surprised at how many people seem to believe this. My review of the movie is not going to try to debate any political beliefs. I am not going to ponder, in this blog, the relevance of a possible conspiracy nor defend the ludicracy of the speculation. I am simply going to tell you how I felt about the film itself.


The movie was shot in a documentary fashion, a lot of camera movement. The actors were not big shot Hollywood types. In fact, I only recognized two ‘extras’ from older TV shows. The acting itself was very real. There was stuttering, mumbling, and what I consider to be real life dialogue (which is rarely seen in a typical movie).  This made the movie very realistic to me. I felt as though I was there, which was a very emotional experience for me. I almost physically got sick twice, I was anxious, cried through out the movie at different parts, my throat tightened, and after the film I was shaken and exhausted.


With my sensitive tendencies, this movie was actual work to watch. But I am glad I saw it. I thought it was very well acted, edited, and directed. I felt it was done with the best of intentions. So many emotions filtered through me during the movie. Deep sadness, anxiety, pride, faith, empathy…I believe this film should be seen by all simply for these emotions. I feel that our society lacks humanity in its purist forms and perhaps we need stories, movies, events like this to shock us back into what and who we are suppose to be…people; people with kindness and compassion, people without constant apathy and distain.


For those who argue the validity of this film, for those who think it is far from factual and even go as far to say it is a lie, I say it isn’t about that. I say maybe there is a deeper purpose for this film and films alike. I felt that purpose. And still feel it. I suggest you feel it too.


One thought on “United 93 – A Review

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