Last night the baby went to bed around 8pm. She woke up crying and screaming at about 10pm. I tried to persuade Charlie into going in there to check on her, but he was seemingly sleeping through all the yelps and whines, or at least pretending to. I slithered out of bed having just fallen asleep myself and went into her room. The only apparent problem was a stuffy nose. I gave her some water and tucked her back in. As I lay back down, the screaming returned in a much louder and frantic fashion. This time I was able to rouse Charlie. He went in there and sternly garbled, “Back to bed right now, Cassidy!” And then he came back to bed, falling asleep immediately. Well, she had other plans. She continued her opposition until 1:30am. I tried everything. We even ended up taking a bath at 1am thinking that would help her congestion, as minor as it seemed to me. That was a big mistake. She was even more awake and proceeded to run around the house demanding Rollie Ollie (her favorite tv show) and climbing in and out of our bed.


Somehow through about 95% of the yelling, crying, screaming, pounding, water splashing, etc…Charlie remained asleep. And I am talking mouth open, drool running, fast asleep.


Finally, somehow…I think I was sleep walking so the details are fuzzy…she did end up going back to sleep between 1:30 and 2am. As I slide back into bed, sore and tired as can be, the cats start racing through the house. Back and forth, banging into things, they were causing quite a loud ruckus. They were chasing a mouse. What mouse comes into a clean home adorning two cats at 2am? Apparently they are not all as witty and astute as Mickey.


As I leaned over to see what they were doing, debating on saving the mouse from my darling predators, my husband slurs the following words to me. These words I will never forget. These words are the reason we will never have a gun in the home. These words WILL make him pay.


In a very annoyed tone, “Heather, I really need to get some sleep, just lay down.”


Needless to say, at this early morning hour…I am a force to reckon with. And let the heavens watch over this man tonight as I stand above his sleeping head with a pillow.


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