Well, we arrived into Milwaukee yesterday afternoon safe and sound. It was so calming to be back home, but I was amazed at how quickly the last few days had gone. I was hoping for some relaxing time away, but it was pretty much hustle and bustle the whole time. But it was a decent time all and all.
Charlie’s aunt, Jenny, was married on Saturday in a beautiful, yet consideratly short ceremony in the awe inspiring hills of the Connecticut countryside. Then the reception was in a huge, gorgeous ballroom in downtown boston. The meal was delicious and everything was like a scene from a movie. I wore myself out with food, drink, and dancing. Boy, my body is good and letting me know I am no longer in my 20s!! I was pretty much in a coma by midnight. I swear to you, my legs STILL ache from walking and dancing in heels. Pathetic!!
Sunday was a lovely brunch with Charlie’s maternal side of the family. More delicious food.
Then we drove to Boston. It was a nice drive, sunny day…great day for it.
In Boston we visited the North End (little Italy) for dinner on Sunday night with my aunt Sally and two of my cousins, Stephanie and Jami, Monday we went to the Aquarium, Fanuiel Hall, and ate at Legal Seafood for dinner. It was a nice time. I really love Boston. It was great to see Sally. It is now her turn to visit Wisconsin!!
We are now home recovering, relaxing, and hugging Cassidy. I cannot tell you how much I missed her. But her and Grandma Becky had lots of fun and I called at least 3 times a day!!!
I am glad I went. Though, if we are ever able to take another trip…I want warm sand, salty water under my toes, and a pina coloda in my coconut oiled hands!!! Next time. Yea…right…NEXT time…

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