I am writing in support of the proposal for All Day Kindergarten. I think this is a very exceptional idea for several reasons.


I believe that children are very capable of learning at very young ages, even if that learning is primarily socialization and following instruction. I think that starting education at an early age will only be beneficial to our future society. People complain about the failure rate of RUSD students, they bellyache that younger generations cannot ‘compete’ with those of other countries, and they criticize the state of our communities.  And yes, it is up to parents to instill values, manners, and the sense of right and wrong within their own children. But let’s face it that simply isn’t happening in every household. For children to be able to be in a structured environment learning at an early age  will only be valuable to all of us in the long run.


Also, I have heard it be said that this proposal is nothing more than a tax-paid babysitter. That is ridiculous. Yes, daycare is very expensive and many times it is simply more economical for a parent to stay home and not work instead of sending their child to daycare. And being a stay at home mother, I do see the benefits of this everyday and wouldn’t change my situation regardless of income. However, my daughter is only 18 months. When she is of kindergarten age, I know she will need more than I can provide. And 3 hours a day is simply not enough time to teach them to the extent they are capable of learning. And at that time, I will then be able to get back into the workforce. Doesn’t that benefit our economy?


I suppose there will always be people to bash any decisions made by RUSD. You certainly cannot please all of the people all of the time (or even some of the time). But I felt the need to voice my support for this advantageous proposal.


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