The past couple of months I have read or heard things that have led me down a path of considering the possibility of my being an empath.  Now, please know I am not saying I am certain or that I am sure this truly exists. But the things I have learned about this ring so true to my own experiences that it is difficult to ignore. I have so many questions and it is really not a topic that is easy to learn about, especially from an actual expert or advisor. If anyone out there can offer any information that may help in my ‘research’, I would be more than appreciative. Here are some reasons why I think I MAY be an empathy or something of the sort. Some of these are copied from other posts I have made.



  1. Since I can remember I have been highly sensitive – both physically and emotionally. I will feel a sensation, discomfort, or emotion suddenly for no apparent reason and this usually led to great anxiety.


  1. When I go under street lights, they turn off. Not always, but A LOT. I have been told this is due to a high level of kinetic energy and that most people with this energy are born healers.


  1. I always know when someone is being dishonest or untrue in someway to me. Whether I chose to acknowledge it or not, I always – deep down – know. Always.


  1. I also always know when someone is talking about me, betraying, or disrespecting me. I can’t explain how or why…but I know.


  1. I feel a VERY strong connection with animals. I feel they know I am safe. My compassion for animals is very heightened.


  1. I feel physical symptoms that cannot be medically explained. Some chronic, some periodically. Anything from sudden tachycardia to a huge mark on my leg to chest pain.


  1. Many times when I feel these sudden unexplained bouts of symptoms or anxiety, I will later find out of a tragedy. Here are a couple examples:

 The day before 9/11, I laid on the bathroom floor throwing up and crying. I was in a very deep depression and was physically sick. It was completely out of nowhere and completely unexplained. I called the Dr. and made an appt for the next day, thinking perhaps I was pregnant. On my way to the Dr. I was listening to the radio when the planes hit the World Trade Center.  At that moment, that feeling of doom and sickness simply lifted away. I was so very sad of course about the whole tragedy, but it was like everyone else’s sadness. Not the deep sorrow I was feeling the day previous.

The night the miners in Virginia died in the collapsed mine, I had this same feeling. Along with it was vertigo, which I had never experienced in my life, and trouble breathing fully. I was also suddenly extremely fatigued. I laid in bed all night. The next morning I had heard that the men had died.

These are just a couple examples.

 8.      I have a very hard time dealing with unauthentic people. People who are dishonest and untrue to themselves and others. This means, I have a hard time dealing with most people in general. I am a hermit type who usually chooses a loner lifestyle.

 9.      I am always searching for reasons. The Whys in life. When I cannot know, when there is simply an unknown – it drives me crazy. This is why I believe death is so hard for me to come to terms with. Death is the ultimate unknown.

10. Unfairness, injustice…bothers me more than most. I cannot seem to just let things go as others seem to be able to do.  

11. I am always tired and drained. Always.

12. I have a very hard time biting my tongue. I say what I feel when I feel it and if I don’t or can’t, it eats away at me.

13. I have had numerous pre-cognitive dreams – even though they usually are meaningless and I do not figure them out until much later when the pieces fall right into my lap LOL!!

         ie. I had a dream that Charles Schultz died. The next morning I heard he did. I knew his last strip was to run that  week – so he was in my sub conscious already. But I remember in the dream I was so astonished that he actually died the day of his last cartoon. He died during his sleep on the 12th and his last cartoon ran on the 13th.

        A couple weeks ago two planes nearly crashed at OHare. In my dream the night before, two planes crashed – one was cargo one was passenger. It was close to home but not near enough to see it. No one died.


As I think of more, I will update.  Again, anyone out there with thoughts on this, please post a comment or email me –  I am very interested to hear whatever you may have to say.


2 thoughts on “Why I Think I MAY Be an Empath

  1. Thank you so much Bob!! I will definatly practice that and look into this more. I always wonder if this is all just in my head…if I am trying to make more into my life than the simplicity that it is. But part of me has this ‘pull’ to the metaphysical. Something telling me that there is ‘more’. Its hard to verbalize.
    Thank you again – I truly appreciate your words!!

  2. Hi Heather!Welcome to the empathy club.What you have described is tantamount to becoming a full fledged empthic person.The first thing you must do to become all you can be is to learn how to protect yourself. This can cause a general malaise.I was in my 50’s before I was taught how. It was so simple that it makes you wonder why you did not think of it before:First visualize a human sized round beehive or large glass/metal carboy. Practice to do this quickly. Then visualize yourself inside the enclosure. This takes some practice but has worked for me.Even to where it protected me from an evil presence that was out to do me harm. It was the first time I had ‘seen’ the protection as a glowing translucent beehive shaped shield.When I learned this technique I was then able to be a hands on type healer. I can actually touch the pain with no guidance. Usually simple accupressure massage worked wonders for the ‘patient’.You may want to read up on the Indigo Children also.LoveBobAdageyudiStaya Udanvti

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