I no longer have a home. The city in which I have lived my entire 31 years has become a place I am ashamed to call home. This city has become a cauldron of heartless drones. This city is filled with people who would rather save a penny then save a life. This city has had its heart turn to stone and its soul sold to the highest bidder. I no longer have a home.


A terrible thing happened this week. Please see the following link for details and comments people have made on this story.  The comments made seem to be a reflection of the muck this city has become. The comments have me reeling in digust for my neighbors.




People make mistakes in their lives. Id bet that pertains to every one of us. Who, in their young lives especially, have done things which could have pissed off another person, or could have been judged as wrong or even illegal? Now imagine being killed for that mistake.


So many people are trying to get a Concealed Carry Gun Law passed in Wisconsin. Can anyone see how this is going to create a war zone. It is going to turn every individual into police, judges, and even executioners.  


I am sad on this cloudy, cold Wisconsin morning. I have a gnawing in the pit of my stomach and a sour taste in my mouth. I no longer have a home.


One thought on “I No Longer Have a Home

  1. I can relate because for the longest time when I returned from Iraq, I felt naked without a weapon—-vulnerable, but thank god I didn't have one because of my mindset dealing with PTSD I would have killed someone for not reason. Keep your head up!!

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