The following is a letter I will be sending to The Journal Times as a letter to the editor as well as to all my local/state politicians.
Here is the link to the online letter on The Racine Journal Times Site:
Here is the link to the online letter on The Milwaukee Journal Site:

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing in regards to the newest approval for Electric and Gas price increase reported Wednesday January 11, 2006.  I am pleading for our local and state politicians to take a good hard look at how much this is affecting the average person in Wisconsin. I understand that it may be hard to realize the dramatics of these approvals while holding a six digit salary. But I need to express that these rate increases are going to devastate many people in our communities. Between the rates of electricity, gas, and healthcare, we are going to experience personal financial ruin in this state.  While the elite few are lining their pockets with our last dollars, the majority will be suffering. I for one will be sure to vote only for politicians who openly express not only their genuine realization of these problems, but also the ones who demand changes. Republican or democrat, it makes no difference to me. And soon it will make little difference to anyone as long as we see our bank accounts dwindle to nothingness.


Last month my WE Energies bill was $296. I have a 1200 sq ft home. We purchased a new furnace in the fall and put added insulation into our home. We have taken many steps to be energy savvy. Yet, our bills rise and rise to ridiculous proportions. We are able to get by on a month to month (paycheck to paycheck) basis fairly comfortably. But that not only will not last for long, I can’t imagine how many others will financially survive at all.


Something has to be done, plain and simple. And I, for one, want to know what our representatives and politicians are doing about these out of control predicaments. I want to know who will be the ones to stand up against our current administration who are simply allowing this abuse to continue and escalate.


Thank you for your time.




2 thoughts on “Pleading for Reason

  1. Gary,Thank you for sharing your views as I appreciate all viewpoints equally.Can I ask if you read the letter I posted from Rep. Lehman? Oil companies and government have alot more control than some people would like to believe..or like to have us believe. This country is getting out of control. Yes, capitalism is the driving force in the good ole US of A…but until the powers at be realize that people are worth more than the mighty dollar, this country will continue to its path into disgust. My husband works for a telephone company. Do you know how much the government controls and regulates every little part of that industry? Its unreal. But it helps make things fair and reasonable. Why is it so far out to think they should have the same rules for oil, gas, electric, and healthcare? These are ALL needs of our communities. Cell phones are not. When there is a commodity that is a necessity to living, then THAT is where SOMEone needs to step in and look out for the little guy.As for the electric/gas usage in my home…we keep everything off whn not being used. My mother even refers to my home as a dungon because it is always dark. We do have to keep the heat at a reasonable level because I am home with my 15 month old and 5 year old daughters all day. Believe me, we do bundle up too. But try keeping socks, slippers, and hats on a 15 month old LOL. We use those energy saving light bulbs, I wash my clothes in cold water, we got a new furnace, and we added alot of insullation. So, please, consider yourself lucky with your extremly low bill. My parents have a home similar to the size of yours and their bill was 400 last month. They keep their heat at 60 all day and night and they are gone 11 hours a day. So, really sir…you must be very lucky.

  2. My home is 3200 square feet and my electric and natural gas bill combined for December was $163 — and we have six people living in our house. You must keep your house very hot and very well lit. I don't think politicians can do any more about the pricing of energy than they can about the price of gas, healthcare or anything else. Market forces drive pricing, and it always amazes me that people think the government can — or should — control everything. I'm pretty sure We Energies or our state politicians can do nothing about the cost of locating and drilling for gas, transporting it and storing it. I'm also sure they can't do anything about the price of coal, natural gas, uranium or any of the other fuels used to produce power. They also can't control the cost of getting it here. And they can't control the need or cost of building the new power plants and transmission infrastructure needed to support a growing population and economy. What they can control are the administrative and operating costs, which would be a small slice of the overall price they charge. As with any business, their profitability is largely tied to controlling those costs, so that shouldn't be a problem either. Having been an investor in utilities for many years, I know the Wisconsin utilities are among the most rigorously regulated and scrutinized in the nation, so I'm comfortable with process here. Would I like to pay less for energy? Sure. I'd also like to pay less for everything else I buy, but I've been around long enough and get information to understand why increases occur. If you want to look for villains of price gouging, try cell phone companies.

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