I often find myself watching tv and movies and listening to music when I am alone. Usually, I do these things while Cassidy naps during the day. This gives me a chance to give my undivided attention, but also leaves me feeling a need to share in the experience when it is a moving one. I wanted to give a few examples of these moving entertainment experiences in this entry.
Damien Rice’s "O" CD is the first of these honorable mentions.  I can literally listen to this CD over and over, something I have never been able to tolerate, and feel the music each time.  The guitar is mezmorizing. His voice is classically seducing. The songwriting is envy inspiring. There are a couple songs that bring tears to my eyes with a smile on my face ~ almost like the rainbow in a storm. I can listen to this CD when I am feeling demolished and somehow end up restored. I can listen when I am in my best of moods and be reminded why. I cannot imagine anyone not liking this CD. But more importantly, if you are a true music lover, I defy you to not fall in love with it.
At his website you can hear live streams…check it out…

House. Strange name for a television show I thought at first. Wasn’t particularly interested. But I watched it anyway. Loved it from the first five minutes and haven’t missed an episode since. I had given up most dramatic shows, epecially medically based ones. They seem to provoke my anxiety and up until now, it simply wasn’t worth it (cough, cough…ER). I don’t care if I have to pop a sedative before watching. This show is fabulous and never disappointing. The writing is very intelligent. Hugh Laurie is officially my new TV boyfriend. It is medically and humanly interesting. I love a show that can make you cry and laugh and learn all in the matter of an hour. Watch it. Seriously. I mean it. NO REALLY…watch it!!

I saw the movie Crash this past weekend. I don’t think it is much of a secret that this movie is pretty great. It is one of those everyone and everything is connected kind of movies..like Altman’s Short Cuts and 13 Conversations About the Same Thing. But this one is blanketed with the topic of race relations. It is brutal, honest, and real. When you think you know what is going to happen, it swirves and goes another direction. It leaves you feeling embaressed and enlightened – or at least, it should. It is now out on DVD. Give it a rent.



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