Ever since I can remember I have had this glaring intuition. Its not like I can read minds or predict the future, by any means. But I have always been able to sense when a person is lying, when people are talking about me, when there is a tension in the room, and I can usually sense a person’s true feelings. Almost like an empath of sorts. I believe this is all wrapped up in my heightened sense of being. I feel everything. I notice if my blood pressure raises a point. I notice it my temperature drops a degree. I can feel every little thing. I believe this is what causes my anxiety, allergies, and possibly even my tachycardia (due to the sensitivity to adrenaline). I am simply over aware. Over sensitive, physically, mentally, and emotionally. As I have been sifting through these possibilities, I have mainly focused on the negative perspectives of this ‘malady’. One of the unfortunate side effects is this damn intuition.
I can simply look at a person’s face and know they are being dishonest in some way. I can stand next to a person and sense that they have been talking poorly about me. I can seem to feel a person’s embarressment, saddness, jealousy, anger, what have you, in a way that isn’t obvious to most people.
It is hard to maintain relationships with people because of this. I try to always be genuine and authentic. I think that is very important. But how genuine can you be when you know ~  just somehow know ~ that they are being dishonest or betraying you in someway.
I guess you just keep up appearances. Be civil. Stand tall. That’s all I can do I suppose. After all, why waste energy on people you cannot trust. It is simply not worth the time.
Oh..and if you are wondering if your name crossed my mind while writing this…then yes, it probably did.

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