Names have been changed to protect the miserable.
"(garble garble)…This is Kristie McCrabby"
"Oh, I am so sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number."
Okaaaaaaaaaay. Have a nice day happy friendly dog face.
What is wrong with people? Everywhere I turn there is a grumpy expression, a rude response, and exasperated sighs. Is EVERYone miserable? I walk past a distant neighbor and smile. All I get in return is a scowl. I hold a door for a woman at the store, not even a thank you nod. If I need a door opened for me, forget it! Woman with a baby, come on, chivalry is not only dead it is decomposed and wreeking! Apparently so is common courtesy and simple friendliness.
Perhaps these people need to learn the effects of a smile. Smiling can actually produce endorphines that make you feel better. And it is clear that these people need SOMEthing to help them feel better. Smile or take a pill…do some freaking thing because you are bummin me out.
Not only that but it effects others as well….
… Gal A gets a smile from Guy B. Gal A decides to smile at Lady C. Lady C was having a really bad day. She was thinking all people were trolls. She was obviously on the phone with the insurance company all morning. Lady C starts to feel better. She puts a dollar in the MS jar at the store. Cashier D put that jar there in dedication to her sister’s plight. This was the first dollar to make its way into the jar. Cashier D finally feels she may be able to make a difference. She goes on to start a local charity organization which will eventually bring in 250k each year to the MS Foundation. Guy B is later cured of his MS because of stem cell research that was made possible by Cashier D’s organziation…
The ripples of making the slighest kind gesture can make waves down the shore.
So smile damnit.

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