Last night there were some pretty big storms/tornados in the area. I took some pictures of the sky afterwards. It was about 10:30pm. Some of the pictures are of the beautiful moon. Some of clouds. And some..well, you decide. Many people think that orbs such as the ones I caught here are actually ‘angels’. Perhaps they love storms as much as I do because there sure were alot of them!! Keep in mind those pictures were taken during a cloudy sky. Those are not visable stars.
One other strange thing perhaps someone can help explain…in all of the pictures that are zoomed in, there is a small red dot in the same place in each picture, regardless of my moving positions. However, that red dot is not there in the pictures where I zoomed out. Nancy, can ya help me out here??
 I will post the pics in an Album called Stormy Night as I do not think they will post well in the blog.

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