I wake in the morning
rubbing the crust from my eyes
I drag out of bed
and squeeze into a bra half my size

How can it be morning
Didn’t I JUST go to bed
I will take a nap today
Ha, not easier done than said

I look in the mirror
with a scowl and a grunt
step on the scale
and give it a furious punt

I walk into the baby’s room
with one eye half shut
I take a wiff to smell
her nasty little butt

Then she looks at me
with that toothless grin
as if to say
Where have you been?

She giggles and squeels
and blows a few bubbles
And I think to myself, boy
I can get used to these troubles.

Ive never been so exhausted,
fat, and energy depleted
I’ve never felt so loved
content, warm, and needed

For what she takes
I get back ten fold
So its all very worth it
even if I feel 80 years old


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