Here is a story from USA Today to give you some back ground.

Now, how I feel. This man is brilliant. So much of this proposal makes sense and can do a whopper of good for the community. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

We all know that fast food is not a necesity. Not only is it not a necessity, but it is virtually a toxic wolf in sheeps clothing preying on the weak taste buds of our cities. The statisics prove that people are more obese and unhealthy than ever. I think there are many reasons for this and fast food is certainly one of them. Now eating a Big Mac once every couple months isn’t going to make a difference to your health. Eating one everyday, that will. Cigarettes are taxed. Alcohol is taxed. Why not fast food? Like the lottery, this could bring much needed money to our cities. Recently in Racine, a school referendum was denied. Because of this, it is likely that all high school sports will be cancelled. Voters refuse to pay for the needs of the schools through property taxes. Well, in this particular area, why not have a portion of this fast food tax allocated to help schools with their rising costs?

Since we are sort of on topic, I would like to mention that I think it is ridiculous that you have to pay out of the nose to eat healthy in this country. And on the other token, eating junk is more than significantly cheaper. Lean meats, produce, whole grains…they have outrageous costs. Big Mac, Whopper, Frosty…less than a buck. And we wonder why poverty stricken people are often obese? Duh.

We need to straighten out some priorities. We need to implement common sense into the fabric of our government, laws, and policies. I think every city should look into this proposal and follow Detroits example. Whether is causes a deterant to eating as much fast food or simply brings higher revenues to our communities, what’s the worst that could happen? Either way, we win.




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