For two seasons I have looked forward to and enjoyed every episode of Arrested Development – on Fox Sundays at 7:30 central.  I have been hearing vicous rumors of its cancellation. Like a punch in the gut, this leaves me feeling irked.  And the thing is, I know exactly why this may happen. Stupid people. Yes, once again the stupid people of America are ruining my freakin day.

Arrested Development is truly one of the most clever, brightest, freshest shows I have seen in years. I simply cannot think of a sitcom that has made me almost pee such as this one.  The humor these writers pocess is so multi layered. I cannot believe their heads do not explode from all that talent.  On the surface, the show has almost this slapstick, goofy type of humor. But to the audience member who is payng a bit more attention, the wit is much deeper and shrewd than the average viewer.  This is why I believe the show is not being watched. I think people don’t ‘get it’ for all that it is. People arent paying attention.

PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! Turn off the WB…quit watching those retarded teeny bopper soap operas…and do you really need to see another decapitated corpse being autopsied?

Give thought a chance.

Let your brain laugh.

Watch Arrested Development.

Thank you.



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