Let’s talk about public restrooms for a moment. Having been pregnant and thus being cursed with a bladder with the capacity of a thimble, I often am doomed to the usage of various public restrooms. Stores, restaurants, gas stations, you name it…I’ve peed there. When I see the women going in and out of these bathrooms I get the perception that, for the most part, these women are respectable and good natured. Wow. Can looks be deceiving!! What self respecting woman can leave a used tampon on the floor? What sophisticated lady could possibly leave dribbles of pee on the seat? And how many charming gals find it acceptable to ignore the floaters they leave behind?? Sorry. Graphic I know. But someone needs to make a stand! Why can’t we all do our part to make our pee pee breaks as pleasant as possible? Flush those toliets ladies! Sit on the seat, do not hover..I promise, nothing will jump up and grab ya. If you drop something, pick it up. And for Gods sake, wash your hands!! If we all ban together we can overcome the nauseating nature that has become our public restrooms. Are ya with me Ladies? Now, if you will excuse me..that diet Pepsi is running right through me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Toilet Seats

  1. I can comprehend this COMPLETELY I’ve never liked using public bathrooms because women are nastier than you think. It’s like they don’t even care and I’m glad you wrote about it! Good blog!!!

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